Our Services in New York are the following:

  • Color matching & Re-dyeing to eliminate fading and restore the color, seal it, protect it
  • Pet damage such as chewed leather repair and odor elimination, cat pulls and scratches
  • Restoration, replacement, partial or full re-upholstery
  • Cigarette burns, sliced by knife damages, cuts and tears of all sizes
  • Elimination of stains, spills, ink marks, water & heat rings, etc.
  • Repair of sagging cushions using hypoallergenic down substitute, feather and down, horse hair, soft polyester, and foam, pad and web
  • Repair and replacement of springs in beds, couches, chairs, and sofas
  • Reinforcement & repair of furniture frames (wood, glass, and metal components as well as mechanisms)
  • Restoration and cleaning of wood, plastic, glass, marble, and other hard surfaces
  • Leather Car Seat Refurbishment

  • Leather Car Interior Repairs

  • Car Dashboard Repairs

– Services include but not limited to: scratches, gouges, tears, animal damage, ink stain etc. removal and repair.
– See the Before/After pics at:

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